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BlizzCon News Just In

Oct. 21st, 2011Posted by Admin

Today at Blizzcon a new expansion was announced for World of Warcraft (that was not a surprise) but what was not expected is they announced that you will be able to battle your companion pets against other pets in turn based battle! If your pet wins a battle it gains experience, levels up, increases stats, learn new abilities and then you can create pet builds using these abilities. This pet combat will work with most pets in the game today BUT there are also going to be wild pets. Wild pets are attainable in the world by finding them and then by beating them with one of your pets. Wild pets may be hard to find as they may be specific to a region, season, time of day etc.. Pets will have different stats and you will want to think carefully about what pet you are going to level. You of course will want to level more than one pet as you will need a team of pets when you are battling other players pets.

They may allow pets to wear items that may affect their stats and may be even be socketed. Now this is way too early to get excited over as things have a habit of getting dropped from expansions before they are released but so far this seems like it will be a fun thing to add to the game.

Other notable information:
  • You get to name your pets.
  • Pets are available account wide.
  • If you can beat Pet Masters they will teach you pet abilities that you can use on any of your pets. These masters will be located around the world. Sound familiar? :)
  • You will have a pet journal to manage your pets.
  • Pets will be tradeable.

  • They came out with a lot of information about this so I hope this means they are going to have this ready by the time the expansion is released.

    Here is an example of what the pet journal will look like.
    pet journal
    As you can see you can have several members in your pet team but I am sure the finished product will probably look very different than it is now. As more information becomes available I will be posting it here. This site will include a listing of pets, their skills, talent builds for them and information on how to fight them.